Diet Chart for Weight Gain for Male Vegetarian in 2024

Diet Chart for Weight Gain for Male Indian Vegetarian

Diet Chart for Weight Gain for Male Vegetarian
Diet Chart for Weight Gain for Male Vegetarian

In this article from HEALTH ACTIVE Diet Chart for Weight Gain for Male Vegetarian, we are giving you a fat chart to become fat or a Diet Chart to Gain 10 Kg Weight in 1 Month, with the help of which any lean person can easily gain weight. All the things included in this diet chart are the same for boys and girls, they can consume these things according to their needs.

Before knowing a good Diet Chart for Weight Gain for Male Vegetarian, it has to be seen how many calories a person eats per day because this is the process on which your entire day's diet chart depends. People who want to Gain Weight need to go into a calorie surplus, that is, they have to eat more calories than their daily calories, and those who want to lose weight need to go into a calorie deficit. One has to eat fewer calories per day than the daily calories. You can easily gain weight if you know your daily calories.

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Diet Chart for Vegetarians to Gain Weight in 2023

    How to Calculate Daily Calories? - How to Calculate Daily Calories in 2023

    Before knowing the daily calories, let us understand what a calorie is.

    What are calories? -

    This is the unit commonly used to measure the energy of food. Normally we get it from food and liquid sources, they go into our body and provide energy, through which we can carry out our daily tasks easily. It gives energy to our bodies so that we can complete any work without fatigue.

    We get these calories from our daily food. to like:-

    • bread
    • white gram
    • the beans
    • mixed pulses
    • peas and cottage cheese
    • chicken
    • fish
    • rice
    • eggs
    • tuna fish
    • banana
    • Apple
    • kiwi
    • Papaya

    Let us now know how to measure daily calories.

    Calorie Count Diet Plan for Weight Gain:

    All humans need to eat calories per day according to their basal metabolic rate (BMR) throughout the day. It is necessary to know how many calories we should eat per day so that we can adjust the calories according to our goal and maintain our weight or increase or decrease our weight. From losing weight to gaining weight, we need to eat calories within a range every day. If a person does not consume calories according to enough calories throughout his day, then his weight starts decreasing. To figure out how many calories we need throughout the day, we need to calculate our BMR. So follow the steps given below to calculate your BMR.

    How to know your BMR? - How to calculate BMR in 2023

    • BMR = Basal Metabolic Rate
    • This means the basic metabolic rate

    With this you will be able to know the calories of your whole day, it tells the calories of energy given to our body, which gives the calories taking into account our body weight, height, and body composition.


    Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

    • 10 (weight in kilograms) + 6.2 (height in centimeters) - 5 (age) + 5


    • 10 × 80 kg + 6.25 × 180 cm - 5 × 23 age + 5
    • 800 + 1125 - 115 + 5
    • = 1815

    This is the number of calories that the body needs to function properly = 1815

    Applying an activity factor

    • Activity factor in sedentary jobs = 1.22
    • Light activity like 1 -3 days workout =1.375
    • Light activity like 1 -3 days workout =1.375
    • Professional athlete = 1.90

    Multiply BMR by the Activity Factor

    Your activity factor

    • 1815 x 1.22 Activity Factor = 2813
    • These are the calories with which we can maintain our weight = 2813

    Now make a weight gain diet plan according to your goal-

    • If you want to gain weight then add 500 calories to 2813.
    • If you want to lose weight, reduce 500 calories to 2813.
    • Now you break down the calories in such a way that we have macros in such a way that C/P/F/: 50%/30%/20%

    You divide these calories into 6 meals – (divide those calories into 6 meals)

    Full-Day Indian Weight Gain Diet Chart in 2023

    Waking up

    • 1 cup tea (5 - 8 grams) sugar

    Meal No. 1 (Have breakfast at 7-8 in the morning)

    • 1. Egg Bhurji = 2 whole + 4 egg whites
    • 2. Paratha and Roti = 2
    • 3. Tea or Milk
    • For vegetarian.

    • 1. Paneer Bhurji and Tofu Bhurji - 100 grams
    • macro

    • Protein - 30 grams
    • Carbs - 55 G
    • fat - 12 g

    Meal No. 2 (Breakfast at 9, 10 PM)

    • 1. Boiled egg - 7 whole
    • 2. Banana - 2
    • 3. Milk - 1 glass
    • For vegetarian.

    • 1. Paneer - 100 grams
    • 2. Whey Protein - 24 G
    • macro

    • Protein - 39 G
    • Carbs - 60 G
    • fat - 6 g

    Meal No. 3 (Lunch at 12-1 PM)

    • 1. Potato Capsicum - 1-2 cups
    • 2. Curd - 1 cup
    • 3. Roti - 2
    • macro

    • Protein - 20 grams
    • Carbs - 75 G
    • Fat - 15 grams

    Meal No. 4 (Breakfast 2:30 - 3:30 PM)

    • 1. Oats - 1 - 2 cups
    • 2. Bananas - 1 - 2


    • 1. Paneer - 100 grams
    • 2. Whey Protein - 24 G
    • macro

    • Protein - 25 g
    • Carbs - 40 G
    • fat - 4 g

    Meal No. 5 (Pre-Workout)

    • 1. Black gram - 1 - 2 cups
    •  2. White rice - 50 - 70 grams


    • 1. Lentils
    • 2. Rajma
    • 3. Matar Paneer
    • macro

    • Protein - 15 grams
    • Carbs - 62 g
    • fat - 4 g

    Meal No. 6 (After Workout)

    • 1. Boiled egg - 7 - 8 egg whites
    • 2. Banana Shake - 1 glass
    • For vegetarian.

    • 1. Cheese
    • 2. Whey Protein
    • 3. Banana Shake
    • macro

    • Protein - 50 grams
    • Carbs - 45 G
    • fat - 0 g

    We know the Important Nutrients for Diet Chart For Weight Gain:

    Those nutrients are as follows:

    • 1. Protein
    • 2. Carbohydrates
    • 3. Fats

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    Diet Chart for Weight Gain for Male Vegetarian


    Protein is one of the nutrients that help build our muscles. It is an organic material composed of the elements carbon-hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. If a normal person does not eat protein according to his weight, then his muscles start shrinking and weakening. By going to the GYM and exercising, people break their muscles, but if they do not eat protein then their muscles will not grow. Because protein plays an important role in building muscle.

    Sources of Protein -

    For Veg.

    • Cheese
    • legumes
    • Gram
    • Curd
    • Tofu

    For Non-Veg.

    • egg
    • salmon fish
    • chicken breast
    • Turkey breast
    • tuna fish


    • The molecular structure of carbohydrates is – hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen.
    • By combining these three, carbohydrates are formed.

    Carbohydrates are a kind of sugar that breaks down inside the body, After breaking it convert into glucose, after converting, they circulate inside the body through our blood.

    The most important function of glucose is to give energy to the brain. As soon as the brain gets energy, it will give energy to the body, so that you will be able to complete your day-to-day activities. Now our sugar level fluctuates with the glucose that is being made inside the body through carbohydrates, so some hormones are needed to balance the body, Those hormones are named insulin and glucose, and they are made in the body's pancreas. These help in balancing your sugar level and glucose levels.

    There are two types of carbohydrates.

    • Simple carbohydrates
    • Complex carbohydrates

    Simple Carbohydrate

    The molecule construction of simple carbohydrates is very small, due to which the food breaks down quickly inside our body, after the break, it is converted into glucose and provides instant energy.

    Sources of simple carbohydrates

    1. Bananas
    2. Potato
    3. White rice

    Complex Carbohydrates

    Complex carbohydrates have more molecule construction, so food items take time to break inside our body so that they slowly convert into glucose and provide energy to the body.

    People should try to add more and more complex carbs to their diet.

    Sources of Complex Carbohydrates

    1. Oats
    2. Sweet potato
    3. Whole Wheat Bread
    4. bread
    5. brown rice

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    The union of carbon and hydrogen creates many organic molecules, one of them being fats.

    Fats are very important for our hearts because –

    • It helps in making our body healthy by using some vitamins. Fats also make our bodies dynamic and functional.
    • It is also used to reduce the need for fats and proteins.
    • We should not consume an excessive amount of fats as it can prove to be life-threatening for us.

    There are two types of fats.

    • saturated fats
    • unsaturated fats

    Saturated Fats

    It is a macronutrient, which is made up of a fat molecule, a glycerol molecule, and three fatty acids. These are harmful to our bodies, because these saturated fats also cause high cholesterol, due to which the risk of heart disease remains.

    Unsaturated Fats

    It is very beneficial for our body because it increases the good cholesterol by reducing the bad cholesterol in our body. It protects us from heart diseases and builds a healthy heart.

    Sources of Fats –

    For Veg.

    • nuts
    • fatty yogurt
    • Almond
    • olive oil
    • coconut oil

    For Non-Veg.

    • Whole Eggs
    • fatty fish
    • Chicken
    • tuna fish
    •  fish oil

    Some More Tips to Gain Weight – Body Weight Gain Diet Plan In 2023

    See, we have already been told that from gaining weight to losing weight, calories depend. If we need fewer calories to lose weight, then we need more calories to gain weight.

    If you want to maintain your weight then you can take 2000-2200 calories. (Different individuals have different maintenance calories according to their weight.)

    Increase The Amount Of Food
    We can increase our weight only by increasing the quantity of food. For this, you can take 5 to 6 miles instead of three miles a day. And it is very beneficial to consume calorie-rich foods every time.

    You may find it unusual to eat more in one go, as well as increase the chances of stomach upset. Instead, you can break up your files into smaller chunks by splitting the miles up 5 to 6 times.

    More Protein
    Gym diet chart for weight gain in 2023: To gain weight, we need protein along with calories. Because protein plays an important role in building, maintaining, and developing muscles.

    If you are increasing or reducing your weight, then it is very important for you to consume the right amount of protein.

    Gaining weight is not a big deal for skinny people. All you have to do is set your goal follow it daily, and be patient. You can also take a weight gainer or any other supplement with the advice of a trainer or nutritionist.

    I hope that now you will be able to understand the article on the Diet Chart for Weight Gain for Male Vegetarians. If you have any questions or suggestions related to the weight gain diet chart for females in 2023, then definitely tell us through a comment.

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