Best Diet Plan for PCOS Weight Loss in 2023

Best Diet Plan for Pcos Weight Loss in 2023

Best Diet Plan for Pcos Weight Loss
Best Diet Plan for PCOS Weight Loss

Do you know what is the Best Diet Plan for PCOS Weight Loss?

Weight loss is no less than a challenge for girls suffering from PCOS/PCOD. Due to hormonal imbalance or consuming more calories, access fat gets accumulated in their body, which is very difficult to reduce.

Now in such a situation, they need special tips to reduce weight, which can be followed to control and reduce body weight. Here Dr Priyanka Rohatgi, Senior Consultant and Chief Nutritionist, Apollo Hospitals is telling you about 9 very easy ways that girls suffering from PCOS / PCOD can follow to reduce their weight.

Let us tell you, if you have more hair growth on your body, less fertility, not having periods on time or more, pain during periods, more pimples on the face especially around the chin, and more fat on the lower belly.

 If you have all these symptoms then you may have PCOS/PCOD. All these symptoms are due to hormonal imbalance, in which your body starts producing more androgens (male hormones) than estrogens (female hormones). So let's know about the Best Diet Plan for PCOS Weight Loss

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9 Best Diet Plans for PCOS Weight Loss

 1. Keep the target small and don't skip meals

Do not cut calories all at once, but keep your target small. Like losing five or ten percent of the weight. Give 1200 to 1400 calories to the body. Hormonal imbalance is already high in PCOS/PCOD. If the amount of calories is reduced abruptly, then your sugar level will deteriorate further, which will lead to more hunger. That is why keep the target small and do not skip food.

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2. Drinks Before Lunch

Hydrate the body before eating. Whether you have lunch or dinner, drink lemonade without sugar, buttermilk, soup, rasam, or just water before a heavy meal. This will keep you from overeating.

3. Fiber Rich Food

Take complex carbohydrate food during lunch and dinner. They contain a good amount of fiber. Like whole grains (soap grains) or unrefined millet. This will help in balancing your hormones, which will result in quick weight loss.

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4. Eat Lentils

About 15 percent of your 1200 to 1400 calories should be just good protein. For this, you must include lentils as many times as you eat food in a day. You can eat lentils in any form, whether by making cheela or in the form of sambar.

5. Say NO to Bakery Products

All bakery products contain unhealthy fat, which increases your body fat, so avoid eating them. Instead, take healthy fats. Like eating nuts and eat food made in healthy oil.

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6. Phytoestrogens

Eat foods containing phytoestrogens (a natural form of estrogen hormone). You will get this from soy milk, tofu, or soybean. You can include them in your diet in any form.

7. Eat Green and Red Leafy Vegetables

Eat leafy vegetables, especially green and red ones, for iron and calcium. These will provide your body with almost all the phytonutrients and improve insulin resistance. At the same time, according to many research, insulin resistance starts in people who are deficient in vitamin D. Therefore, to complete the deficiency of vitamin D, first take supplements as prescribed by your doctor.

8. Eat Fewer Portions

Eating too much at once also harms the body. That's why keep the amount of food on your plate low. Take 6 miles a day instead of 4 but in a smaller size.

9. Regular Exercise

Consistent exercise helps in quick weight loss in people suffering from PCOS/PCOD. Therefore, along with eating, pay attention to exercise as well.

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