How to Lose 20 Kgs in 1 Month at Home in 2023

How to Lose 20 Kg in a Month at Home

Hello friends, hope you all are well. Today we will discuss How to Lose 20 Kg in 1 Month at Home without exercise to lose 20 kg in 1 month.

How to Lose 20 Kgs in 1 Month at Home
How to Lose 20 Kgs in 1 Month at Home

How To Lose 20 Kg Weight In 1 Month At Home: We try many plans for weight loss. But most of us fail to do so. Even sometimes some medicine that you find on the internet is not good for your body, they just make your body weak. So I will tell you how to lose 20 kg weight in 1 month at home. Losing weight is not an easy task. If you want to How to Lose 20kg in 1 Month Without Exercise. So follow these tips as we have mentioned here are some tips to follow, and for more weight loss advice, check out our tips of How to Lose 20 Kgs in 1 Month at Home That Actually Work. Let's start our today's article How to Lose 20 Kgs in 1 Month at Home

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How to Lose 20 Kg in One Month at Home

1. Cumin and water

One of the most notable weight loss features of cumin, according to scientific research, is that cumin can help your body digest and absorb lipids (fats) efficiently. For you exercise and choose to eat healthy food, cumin can make a difference in your life by reducing your body fat.

How to do
  • At night, take 1 glass of water. Add 2 tbsp cumin seeds and stir it well.
  • Leave it till the next morning and drink the next morning on an empty stomach. You can also add lemon for taste.

  • If you go to the gym, you can consume it before the gym.
  • You should have your breakfast 1 hour after consumption. if you are pregnant
  • So you should consult your doctor before drinking.

2. Ginger, Lemon, and Honey

I remember when I was in college, how my friend lost 5 kg in 1 month, and that too without getting any health issues. I asked him to tell me about his remedy. So he told me about this remedy, it will benefit you.

How to do
  • Take 1 glass of water and 2 small slices of garlic in a bowl and let it boil on the gas. Pour water into 1 glass. Now add 1 tbsp honey and half a lemon to it. Mix them well. Take it empty stomach.


3. Quit all kinds of sugar ( Skip all kinds of sugar )

Sugar or starch is the most common thing that can make you add a few pounds in a few days. You should check your sugar intake on a daily basis. Especially when you have 1 cup of coffee or tea, try not to add sugar, or you may want to add less. Also Read: 10 Kg Weight Loss in 1 Month Diet Chart

4. Stop having packed food

The food that comes in packed is mostly high-calorie content and low fiber content. (How to Lose 20 Kgs in a Month Vegetarian) You all know that calories are essential for our body, but consuming them in excess can increase your body weight rapidly and can also make you sick. Whereas, fiber is the element that is helpful in burning the unhealthy fasting within our body. Including fiber-rich food in your diet can slow down your digestion process. Due to this, you feel less hungry and hence your weight starts decreasing. Also Read: 10 Kg Weight Loss Diet Chart Indian

5. Drink 3-4 liters of water a day

Water is very essential for our body when it comes to increasing the metabolic rate. By consuming water regularly, you can lose some weight. Not only this, drinking water at proper intervals can also make your mind fresh and your hair and skin healthy. It is recommended to drink 3-4 liters of water every day. But keep one thing in mind, do not drink water at regular intervals in one go.

  • Try drinking lukewarm water.

6. Eat slowly to lose weight without exercise

If you eat too fast, you'll gain more calories before your body even knows your body is full. Fast eaters are more likely to be fatty than heavy eaters. Eating slowly and chewing also helps in staying away from the well-known disease of diabetes. Include Apple Cider Vinegar in your diet.
Apple cider vinegar is known to lose fat from our bodies. It also helps in increasing the metabolic rate.

How to do
  • Add 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar to 1 glass.
  • Add some lukewarm water to it. You can add lemon to it for more flavor.

  • This is to be done 30 minutes after every meal.

7. Walk after every meal

Two separate studies have shown that taking a walk after a meal can aid digestion. A study in 2020 showed that walking is the rate at which food moves through the stomach. Other studies have shown that walking after a meal also lowers blood sugar, Thereby reducing the cardiovascular risk and possible indication of diabetes. Essentially, walking after a meal clears glucose from the bloodstream to lower blood sugar, and helps move food through your system more quickly.

it says
  • The old suggestion of taking a walk after a meal is really beneficial.

8. Include Green Tea in Your Diet

Green tea is considered the best option for weight loss. Green tea is rich in anti-oxidants which actually help in increasing the metabolic rate in your body. It is also recommended that if you have had green tea, a little physical activity involved in it can help in rapid weight loss. Also Read: 7-Day Diet Plan for Weight Loss

9. Sleep well and proper

Less sleep can also help you. The reason is that when you sleep less. So the metabolic rate of your body decreases. Eventually, the food you take starts taking up residence in your body, and thus you start adding a few pounds. Also Read: Best South Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss

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